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Heart Care

The heart is a very fragile organ in the body. Taking care of it is not just a something you do once a month. Caring for the heart has to be a lifestyle. You have to make a few adjustments, changes or even sacrifices just to be healthy. Here are just a few tips on taking care of the heart.

  1. Say goodbye to smoking! No exceptions.
  2. Have an active lifestyle. Ride a bike, go for a walk, go out and get some air. Little things matter.
  3. Be in the middle. Do not aim a super thin body. Thin does not always mean healthy.
  4. Sew, crochet or knit. Doing something you like is great to help you unwind. If you are not the “sewing” type of person, get a jigsaw puzzle or play board games.
  5. Get your dancing shoes and dance it off.
  6. Prep up a salsa. It’s healthy, it’s delicious, what more can you ask for?
  7. Let’s fish. Not just go fishing but also eat fish.
  8. Laugh Out Loud! Burst into laughter. Don’t let your emoticons do all the talking (or the laughing).
  9. Do some yoga. It frees your mind and it does great things to your body.
  10. Raise your glass. Moderate drinking is good. Focus on the word moderate please.
  11. Consume dark chocolates. Snub the salt.
  12. Do some housework. You have a clean house plus a healthy heart. Yes please!
  13. Relive the good ‘ol days. Go out for bowling, roller-skating or just goof around with friends.
  14. Cuddle with your pet or go to a petting zoo. Share the love and feel the love.
  15. Enjoy the view. Put down your gadgets, put on some tunes and visit nice places. Enjoy the view that’s not on a screen.
  16. Make your own breakfast. It’s relaxing and healthy.
  17. If it’s just two blocks away, don’t drive. It’s environmental and heart friendly.
  18. Smile!

This site is filled with ways to keep your heart healthy (and even keeping your heart happy). Check out the blog section and be informed.